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Such a drug as pills, not a new, he is very much in demand. And it seems very strange that tabs, which you can buy at any drug store, in any online shop, still so expensive. But really, this is simply. Patent on pill medicines issue is in the hands of the company "Pfizer", which, being a monopolist, keeps the bar cost at an extremely high level. So ,you cat buy that kind and not difficult for many remains unavailable. But do not grieve-there is a solution!
Since other pharmacological companies cannot use the same name as the "Pfizer", an analogue of the drug got the name sildenafil, and produce it in India. It is completely identical to the original drug. In addition, if the original medication buy difficult due to high prices, generic viagra buy can afford to absolutely everyone!
The active ingredient of sildenafil is exactly the same. It works as follows: relaxes smooth muscles of the penis, expands artery and the cavernous substances, thus increasing blood flow to the sexual body. An erection occurs. After completing intercourse member returns to normal. At repeated intercourse the erection will come again. If the drug buy can be freely available, so are freely sold and other sex stimulators. However, they are not safe. Sildenafil differs from them in that operates only during natural sex drive, that is, it performs only a helper function. In addition: has no specific contraindications or significant side effects.
So you've finally decided to do away with all bedding problems at once and for all get rid of impotence. This is a serious step. Then you should learn more about the product before you decide to buy over the counter or online store. Sildenafil is sold under different brands, as well as Bada to increase potency. In addition, it is produced not only in tablets. But if you still have chosen pill price will depend on the concentration of sildenafil. Standard tablets contain on 25, 50 and 100 mg of the active substance. Most refers to generic medicines. But for most it is a bit much and may cause unwanted side effects, like dizziness, headaches or heartburn. And is a drug safe. However, nowadays the counterfeiting of medicines already are not uncommon. You are lucky if you live in the capital, because one of the few cities where sold 100% real viagra, Ireland, in other regions of Russia risk running into the forgery is very large.
How to identify a real product in front of you or not? If it's a good pharmacy, viagra may not be worth less than $10 per pack. If you see drug that cost below that level, then buy this questionable drug is not recommended.
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